Ayoko na mag plants vs. zombies. Natatalo lang ako boset. Pilitin ko na lang makatulog at may pasok pa mamaya. Huu. Good night!

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Hiii. Maaga pa pasok ko mamaya tapos hindi ako makatulog. Pano na lang ‘to? 😟 Wala pa’kong makausap hehe //laslas

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  • Noon: Priority ka niya.
  • Ngayon: Istorbo ka na lang.
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Kakausapin sana kita. Kaso baka abala lang ako. Kaya wag na lang pala.

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Because I’m not the kind of girl you’d chase up until the end. I can never be the girl you would always want to strike a conversation with. You’ll get tired of me. You’ll get bored of me. Everyone got tired and bored of me.

You may seem to notice me on the first, but sooner or later, you’ll realize how uninteresting I am and you’d probably just get out of contact. I knew it. I knew it since then, and I’m preparing for the time you finally get the chance to end everything. Like it was a huge mistake letting me barge in your life, like I don’t deserve to be kept forever, like I’m just another person you saw down the street and you happen to be lost, and you didn’t have a choice but to ask me where is this place or something.

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guys please, I cannot answer all 0 messages

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I’ve been thinking lots about you. And everything about you. And how you are. And how you can change me so much without doing anything peculiar. And how you made me like this just with being you.

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  • you'll get bored of me. you'll get annoyed of me. you'll stop talking to me. you'll leave me. just like everybody else.
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  • I know that for your own good, I can never see you again. But I can't stand the thought of not seeing you again.